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In the restaurant industry, there are many layers to the experience. Some people are culturally stimulated and shaped to know how to appropriately act and respond in the restaurant. Often times the people that work at the restaurant and the patrons who work there have vastly different experiences and viewpoint of the restaurant world at large. These differences are exacerbated when it comes to tipping. Many countries in Europe, for example, don’t have tipping waiters as part of the dining culture as it is here in the United States. But even across the U.S., there are various methods and myths surrounding the best practices for tipping. Some people learned early how to calculate and pay for service and others think it is more appropriate to lobby for higher wages for waiters than to tip. Regardless, tipping is a crucial part of a waiter’s salary. If you work in the restaurant industry, or are a loyal patron, read this article today to learn about tipping across the U.S.!


Read the full article here: Tipping Infographic


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