How to Effectively Reach Your Customers on Mobile

These days, everyone is on mobile – including your diners. And more than just *being* on mobile, they want to be able to *do* everything on mobile, too. So, how do you know how your mobile experience stacks up? According to this post form QSR Web, there are three things that every company must have in order to provide the kind of mobile experience that they customers are looking for. So, if your mobile offerings don’t create intrigue, a sense of urgency, or a seamless overall experience, it might be time to step up your mobile game.

In terms of creating intrigue, you need to be available to your customers via a number of different channels, and reach them with a customized experience on each platform. Creating targeted advertising using beacons and banners also helps. And if you want to create a true sense of urgency and immediacy with your customers, you have to be available to them whenever they want you to be. This could mean offering online ordering, partnering with a delivery service that can get their food to them quickly, or any number of other options. As for creating a seamless experience, using platforms such as Apple Pay, Cover, Seamless, and Google Wallet can help to make your customers’ dining experience faster and easier. For more tips, continue reading.

Read the full article here: CONNECT: Does Your Mobile Experience Offer 3 Crucial Things?

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