Illegal Pete’s has a business strategy worth talking about

Many factors must be considered when running a successful restaurant business. The quality of the food, the location, and the atmosphere are important – but perhaps most important of all are the employees. A happy, comfortable staff means happy, comfortable customers.

Colorado based Illegal Pete’s has it all figured out. By offering higher wages and health benefits to its employees, the restaurant has established itself as an icon. Founder and president Pete Turner believes the human piece is the most valuable part of the food service industry puzzle.

When staff feel secure, they’re more likely to do a good job. Patrons pick up on that. Illegal Pete’s boasts low turnover, and has many loyal staff members who have been there since the beginning.

With increasing minimum wages becoming a reality, Illegal Pete’s is already ahead of the game.

Read the full article (and watch the video) here: Illegal Pete’s: ‘We want to be living wage plus’

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