Inside the Rise of Eatertainment Dining

The rise of entertainment in dining is a fast growing trend. Many people in today’s world are not just seeking a casual dinner and conversation anymore. For most it is the entire experience. The ability to eat and be entertained as well as enjoying gatherings of social groups according to this article is adding to the experience of going out to eat even more so than the drive-ins and movie theaters in recent past scenarios.

Key Takeaways:

  • consumers today want an experience along with a consumable good.
  • many places are now offering games or shows or movies along with a meal.
  • establishments offering eatertainment includes cinemas, restaurants, and even laundry mats and hair salons.

“According to a survey conducted by food industry market research firm Datassential, nearly 60 percent of all consumers said they were interested in visiting an eatertainment concept, while 30 percent of consumers said they had already visited one.”

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