Inside the Rise of Eatertainment Dining

Consumers these days are looking for more than just good food on a night out. There is now a high demand for games under the night sky. An alternative from movies and theatre, establishments with gaming focuses are now becoming very popular. No longer is it just for kids like Chuck E Cheese, young consumers are going to barcades and adding some of their childhood hobbies into their night life. This is a trend that is only going to continue to rise.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ever increasing numbers of dining customers are looking for an experience more than just a meal when they dine out.
  • Eatertainment establishments pair top notch menus with incredible decor and sometimes even performances to attract and please customers.
  • More than half of all customers have either visited, or want to visit, an eatertainment establishment.

“According to a survey conducted by food industry market research firm Datassential, nearly 60 percent of all consumers said they were interested in visiting an eatertainment concept, while 30 percent of consumers said they had already visited one.”

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