Why You Should Keep Innovating with Food!

Owning a restaurant include wearing many hats. You have to be the vision behind the menu and the creative director for the food.

You also have final say on the appearance and décor of the restaurant and it’s your job to ensure that the restaurant always looks modern and elegant with the styles of modern décor. You are a business manager and you determine the best way to minimize costs while ensuring quality.

You calculate the shifts needed to run your place, how to market to attract new customers, and how to best source your ingredients to ensure you have the freshest foods for your brand.

However, underneath it all, you are ultimately an innovator and an artist. Food is as much of an art form as music or dance, it appeals to visual, olfactory, and our tasting senses!

This is why it is important to maintain that focus regardless of the countless other tasks you do to keep your restaurant afloat.

This is why the Food Innovation Challenge used seed funding to finance a prize dedicated to food innovation. If you are looking for a way to inspire food innovation, read this article today!


Read the full article here: https://www.qsrmagazine.com/news/food-innovation-challenge-offers-50k-seed-funding

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