Kombucha brews customer appeal

What started in health food stores a few years back is now in mainstream markets across the country. Whole Foods dedicates shelves in its refrigerator cases for GT’s Organic Raw Kombucha and Synergy, the juice varieties of the tea. Coca-Cola Co. owns part of Honest Tea which has a line of Kombucha products, and Celestial Seasonings recently announced its plans to introduce a new line of flavored kombucha beverages that are fortified with functional ingredients, including B vitamins, vitamin C and spirulina. There are kombucha martinis and kombucha smoothies

Key Takeaways:

  • Kombucha is extremely popular and is derived from fermented tea with sweetener.
  • Consumers rave about Kombucha’s probiotic content as well as promise of well being.
  • Popular teas for Kombucha are Indian green tea and Chinese green tea.

“The beverage has a reputation — still largely unsubstantiated by science — for improving digestion, boosting the immune system and generally energizing those who drink it.”

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