Lies All Servers Tell at One Time or Another


No one ever said serving was an honest job. Servers have to deal with a variety of stressful situations on a daily basis, and they have to do it with a smile. Of course that smile is a bold-faced lie sometimes, but that’s not the only lie servers tell and get away with!

For example, maybe you get a customer that needs to be a constant temperature or they’ll become a zombie and terrorize the restaurant (or that’s what you imagine might happen), so you tell them you’ll adjust the thermostat when instead you grab a cold soda and put it on your forehead because you can’t imagine why someone would need it warmer when the entire back of house is an oven.

Lying isn’t a good habit to develop, but honesty definitely isn’t always the best policy in the service industry! Imagine telling the lady nothing can be done. There goes your tip!

This entertaining gif article from Shiftgig features 10 common lies told by servers everywhere. Do you think servers have to lie? Is there such thing as a 100 percent honest server?

Enjoy the full article here: 10 Lies Every Server Has Told


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