Miami Is the Perfect Melting Pot for International Fare


Miami is often thought of as one of the great melting pot cities of modern times. With such close proximity to Central and South America, as well as the southern states in the U.S., there is such a wide range of flavors and cultures explored through food. Multiple generations of immigrant families have found success in highlighting the flavors of their country, while still embracing the local Miami culture, and the Miami food scene is growing faster than almost another other in the United States. This post from FSR Magazine explores the growing popularity of international restaurateurs in choosing Miami as their next restaurant destination.

Because of such a diverse culture feel and a food scene to match, many restaurateurs from countries as far away as the UK and Israel have set their sights on Miami to experiment with new flavors and restaurant concepts. Of course, coming from cultures like those in London and Tel Aviv doesn’t always translate perfectly in Miami and the food has to updated to fit in with the diverse landscape, but with such an emphasis on melting together in the first place, Miami may very well be the next international food destination.

Read the full article here: International Restaurants Finding Ideal Landing Spots in Miami

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