Mobile Is Taking Over Everything, Including Payment

With so much buzz surrounding the mobile customer experience in the foodservice industry, there has still been some hesitation in restaurants offering mobile payment solutions like Apple Pay. Until recently, that is. This post from Fast Casual explains the shifting perception in mobile wallet options, and how a new transition to credit card chip readers could make the adoption of such services happen even faster.

Restaurant merchants are all trying to find ways to make their customer experience more seamless and well-rounded, and offering mobile ordering payment options is one way to do just that. A number of restaurants chains have embraced online ordering, and have seen great success in its implementation, indicating that customers will likely warm up to mobile payment options as well. But despite the ease with which these services work, there hasn’t been a great *need* for them quite yet. But as the U.S. sees a transition to chip card readers for credit card payments, which force customers to stand and wait for their payment to be authorized and accepted, that need may become more apparent. With mobile payment, their transaction could be taken care of with just one tap, allowing them to get on with their busy days more quickly. For more on this shift, continue reading.

Read the full article here: CONNECT: Restaurants Finally Embracing Mobile Wallets, Ordering

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