Mom-and-Pop Joints Are Trouncing America’s Big Restaurant Chains

For the longest time the big, bad restaurant chains were the favorite for Americans. This is changing now and Americans are now having a change of mind when it comes to where they eat. The mom and pop chains are coming up in the United States. The home-like touches that restaurant chains do not offer is exactly what draw the crowd and is causing the increase of sales for the small local chains. Along with dishes to cater to select diet types such as vegans.

Key Takeaways:

  • American’s are rejecting the consistency of big chain restaurants and turning to Mom & Pop restaurants.
  • It’s a turning point in the history of American restaurants according to the research firm Technomic.
  • There really seems to be a dawning era of independent, where the small businesses are thriving.

“Americans are rejecting the consistency of national restaurant chains after decades of dominance in favor of the authenticity of locally owned eateries, with their daily specials and Mom’s watercolors decorating the walls.”

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