New research names the noisiest restaurant chains, as overbearing sound levels drive diners to takeaways

The Big Hospitality online website presents a new article referencing and discussing the problem with some restaurants being too noisy and causing people to eat at other establishments that are not geared toward sit down dining. The article explains that Speak Easy did a campaign recently related to this issue. The article describes the ways that the charity is looking to help restaurants solve this growing issue with loud customers and overall noise levels in sit down style restaurants.

Key Takeaways:

  • Patrons do not like noisy restaurant and some are as loud as lawnmowers
  • Most patrons want a restaurant that has a buzz to it, but is not real loud
  • 43% of diners would take out food rather than have to eat in a noisy restaurant

“These results demonstrate the business case for restaurants putting some real consideration into their acoustics”

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