New York Restaurants Look to NorthStar Innovative Point of Sale Solution To Manage Operations

The restaurant industry, despite being one of the most prevalent and established businesses in the country, is always looking to new innovation, and in particular to the embrace of technology. And one of the biggest opportunities to leverage technology is in POS systems – tying the front of house to the back. NorthStar has been leading the way with their innovative, tablet-based POS offerings, which have landed at famous and respected restaurants all over the country.

Key Takeaways:

  • The restaurant industry is one of high competition and low margins, and as such, restaurateurs are always looking for ways to gain and advantage.
  • One of these key areas is in leveraging technology, especially in the link between the front of house and the kitchen.
  • NorthStar has been a leader in this regard, offering innovative POS systems base off of tablets and which have seen success around the country.

“For nearly seven years, restaurant operators across the country have turned to NorthStar point of sale system to better manage operations, streamline data capture and offer remote visibility of their restaurant.”

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