One Day in the Life of a Quick-Service Restaurant

Eater release a big feature today that follows everything that happens in a Panda Express in the suburbs of Los Angeles over the course of one day. Eater reporters watch the workers at the restaurant start the day with hours of prep, and observe how the staff deals with the crazy lunch and dinner rushes. The reporters also talk to customers throughout the day, trying to glean how people feel about eating at Panda Express.

This piece is great because it shows the inner workings of life in a quick-service restaurant to readers who may have never held a quick-service job and have no idea of the challenges and joys of working in the industry. The article showcases how people from all stages and walks of life work in the quick-service industry, and how much pride can go into providing food even at the quick-serve level. One great character from the story is Rui Xi, an immigrant from China who is the Panda location’s lead chef and is proud to work at the chain despite offers he’s gotten from fancier restaurants.

Customers don’t necessarily appreciate how hard it is to keep a quick-service restaurant running efficiently, and how much love goes into preparing quick-service food. Everyone who’s ever eaten fast food would benefit from checking out this article to get a taste of what life is like behind the griddle.

Read the full article here: One Day at Panda Express

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