Perfect match: Why coffee could be better served with desserts not after

In this article we are delighted to find out that coffee actually should be served with dessert rather than after. Certain desserts paired with different brews of coffee can enhance the full flavor of both items leaving your taste buds more than pleased. Pairing coffee and dessert together for restaurants can also boost sales from customers looks for a little something more than their entree.

Key Takeaways:

  • Coffee needs to be expertly handled to get the best results, the same way any kitchen uses raw ingredients.
  • Interestingly, the pastry chef also discovered that when a coffee displays characteristics of an ingredient, it doesn’t necessarily match well with it.
  • coffee can be a high GP sales opportunity for restaurants. We’re working with Sarah as she’s at the top of her game and really understands how products can work well together.

“Coffee being served with dessert instead of after it could soon be a practice seen in more restaurants due to work being carried out by a top pastry chef and a coffee supplier to find the perfect coffee and dessert matches.”

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