Pizza Hut Drives Customer Engagement with Its Mobile Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are a great way to retain current customers and encourage engagement with the business. Engagement means that the customer has an emotional or psychological attachment to the product or brand. This is very important in the restaurant industry. Loyalty programs can provide engagement if used correctly. Pizza Hut has been successful because their loyalty program is a custom app that gives customers points to use and provides visuals of the product. Points accrue when a customer has take out or dines in. Pizza Hut’s loyalty app also encourages users to visit the social media page for more interaction and makes it easy to share content and promotions with others. A well designed app and loyalty program will engage customers and bring in new business.

Key Takeaways:

  • More businesses are now realizing the importance of customer loyalty, especially in the restaurant industry
  • Pizza Hut makes sure that its mobile app solution is interactive, effective and differentiates from other programs
  • The company’s loyal customers are incentivized with loyalty points to recommend Pizza Hut on social networks

“Although many restaurant owners are investing their resources into customer loyalty programs, many of these solutions are not tailored to drive customer engagement and build deeper relationships with consumers, failing to bring real business results”

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