Pizza Inn Unveils Non-Traditional Express Model

Pizza pie kiosks are something that can make you feel like you can get a good pizza pie at any time. This is why the Pizza Inn is something that can make the biggest difference in pizza making.

People are use to buying all kinds of different items out of a kiosk, but it is time for the food industry to be revolutionized in the same way. A pizza pie kiosk would do well in a shopping mall, or a busy retail area. The early numbers and returns verify this fact.

Key Takeaways:

  • Recently, Pizza Inn announced a new concept called Pizza Inn Express (PIE), which will provide customers a quick and seamless pizza ordering experience.
  • Pizza Inn’s new PIE concept is a kiosk model focusing on convenience stores, airport terminals, and entertainment venues.
  • According to the president of Pizza Inn Bob Bafundo, PIE kiosks are an attractive add-on for a convenience store owner because of the minimal investment required.

“After almost 60 years in business, Pizza Inn still has a few tricks up its sleeve.”

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