Reduce performance review anxiety

A website for food service directors has a piece on performance reviews. The account records two opinions on this practice. One director feels the annual performance session is out of style. He prefers to have short meetings with employees on a regular basis. In addition, he will talk to the group on occasion. Another director feels the practice is still useful. He feels the review need not be one sided, and invites the employee to give his or her feedback.

Key Takeaways:

  • Most workers and supervisors consider yearly evaluations to be outdated
  • Regular performance evaluations add more value than once a year evaluations and can be useful to set achievable timelines for goals
  • The review should be a back-and-forth that allows both the employee to talk about their accomplishments and to critique the supervisor

“In the hectic pace of a dining environment, taking time to sit down one-on-one for a designated review requires real planning, but is still valuable, says Tom Driscoll, associate director for housing and director of food services for the University of Oregon in Eugene.”

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