Restaurants Catch Pokémon Profits

The release of the super popular game application Pokémon Go has proven a success for many businesses that are involved. The app gained ten million users just two weeks after its release. Surveys show that more time has been spent on the game than all other social media platforms combined. Restaurants all over are incorporating the game as a way to build revenue.

Key Takeaways:

  • “As a marketer, it’s great, but how can I apply it, how can I do something with it?” says Adam Terranova, marketing manager of Philly Pretzel Factory. “As I explored the app, I was able to draw people into the stores.”
  • “I think it’s an invaluable piece of social media strategy,” Terranova says. “Usually social media is the interaction, how many [consumers] see it.”
  • As of July 19, Philly Pretzel had 1,107 shares on Facebook related to its Pokémon Go without using the Boost feature. And while Terranova does not expect that kind of momentum to continue forever, he does see the game evolving and has even read on blogs that new versions of the app will come out with more Pokémon critters—and more financial opportunities.

“Just as restaurants designated as Pokéstops or Gyms enjoy an organic boost in customer volumes, so too do concepts in areas with high foot traffic.”

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