Study: Starbucks is the King of Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is a new concept being touted by several restaurants out there. Starbucks has been a leader in the world of customer loyalty as well. They are now being dubbed as the King of customer loyalty programs in their restaurants. Starbucks is a model corporation and one that seeks to help people fulfill their role. Customer loyalty is an important consideration that needs to be fulfilled along the way. Look for Starbucks to consider some creative methods.

Key Takeaways:

  • Although many believe brand loyalty is dead, a study done using consumers’ location data and visits to “quick-service” restaurants finds that Brand Loyalty is as alive as ever.
  • Size isn’t everything, even regional brands sat near the top of the customer loyalty charts in this study.
  • “Quick-service” brands that offer breakfast foster more customer loyalty by becoming part of their routine.

“A study of 14,700 U.S. consumers reported that millennials were twice as likely as Boomers to cite a lack of healthy options as a barrier for loyalty, and that taste is the No. 1 reason given for why a consumer sticks to a certain brand.”

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