Subway Franchise Owners Protest Return to $5 Footlong

In the ever competitive world of faster service and even faster food Subway has pledged to spend an additional $25 million in 2018 for new marketing campaigns to increase sales. While McDonalds at the same time is revitalizing their menu and business practices Subway has decided to bring back the $5 foot long special it had previous to the current $6 price tag. Some franchise owners have voiced their concerns as an ever increasing cost to business and an inevitability to effect the bottom line of their stores. This author discusses the arguments for both sides within this article.

Key Takeaways:

  • Subway is bringing back the five dollar footlong deals in order to help bring customers back into their restaurants
  • Independent franchise owners are against the move, stating it will negatively impact their bottom sales line.
  • The franchise as a whole and stockholders believe that since there were several issues that shadowed a negative image on the company, bringing back the offer is a good choice.

“Though the return of the famous deal might drive more customers to purchase subs, franchise owners are unhappy with the move.”

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