Subway’s Loyalty App Splits Consumers

The new age of App ruled business has attempted to make a toe hold for Subway. Looking to revamp their business image after their spokesman went to jail for heinous crimes and the allegations of foreign material in the breads, the remodel has been met with mixed reviews. While the remodel and menu structure has attracted some new customers, those who are brand loyal have shown about a five percent drop in their approval rating of the restaurant. Translated into real world numbers, this means that more than 1000 stores that performed poorly are now closed with many more to come over the next two years, with franchise buy in increasing.

Key Takeaways:

  • The fast food chain Subway is receiving a mixed reaction from customers about their new loyalty program and recently revised mobile app.
  • In the weeks following Subway’s launch of their MyWay Rewards program, 40 percent of adults 18 and older claimed they might consider purchasing a Subway meal versus 37 percent prior to the release.
  • Subway MyWay claims to offer a customized user experience and be seamlessly integrated with the newest version of the Subway app, which offers online ordering.

“According to consumer research firm YouGov BrandIndex, the world’s largest sandwich provider curried favor with new customers but potentially deterred brand loyalists.”

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