Survey Finds New Way for Restaurants to Connect with Guests: Help Them Save the Planet

A recent countrywide survey of the United States found that a sizable majority of all Americans share in the belief that saving the planet is a top priority that must be addressed. Roughly forty percent view sustainability and ethical consumption as a major piece of their identities both as consumers and as people. Although much of the nation appears largely polarized as of late, it seems that environmental protection is the one topic that inspires widespread consensus. As such, now it is more important than ever before for companies to integrate sustainable practices into their business plans and brand identities.

Key Takeaways:

  • Despite widespread polarization across the USA, Americans increasingly share a belief in the merits of environmental work
  • forty percent of all Americans confirm that they see sustainability as part of their key identities as consumers and citizens
  • The poll also concluded that a sizable majority of citizens agree that it is a shared responsibility among us all to protect our planet

“The national survey, part of a special Eco Pulse report by Shelton Group, confirms a fundamental shift among Americans.”

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