So You Think You Can Open Up a Restaurant?

There are many steps to running a restaurant. As the owner, you have to manage the day-to-day functions of the space while also ensuring that the brand grows and that customers have an amazing experience.

However, there are even more steps involved with opening a restaurant. You are a great cook, you have many friends and contacts in the food industry, you are a pioneer in your local market and you knew that if you opened up a place, it would be successful.

But how will you manage or anticipate all of the decisions needed to make it as a fledgling eatery? One chef opens up in this article about all the decisions she didn’t fully anticipate having to make before she opened up her own Tex-Mex place.

Even when it comes to sourcing food, that can cost you way more than expected if you are opening up a new concept restaurant in an area with little competition in your arena.

There are many more details involved with the logistics of opening up a new place, and it is helpful to know of other people’s experiences before you dive head first into the process.

If you are considering opening up your own space, read this article today to learn more about the full scope of challenges!


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