Tips to Bolster Loyalty Programs Through eWallets

Many consumer loyalty programs are still based on utilizing old-fashioned punch cards in order to accumulate a certain number of indentations before they are eligible for specific rewards. This system is beginning to be quite outdated, and more and more corporations are looking into eWallets instead. eWallets give you the opportunity to redeem coupons and loyalty points in a much more user-friendly way due to it being easily accessible. It also gives consumers a way to keep track of their spending history so that points are never lost.

Key Takeaways:

  • eWallets keeps track of transaction history so that consumers always have proof of points.
  • The traditional punch card system is a bit outdated and not too user-friendly.
  • Loyalty and other rewards are more easily redeemed when it comes to using an electronic loyalty program like eWallets.

“Restaurants today are searching for effective and innovative approaches to build a strong and dependable loyalty base. However between low consumer adoption and the financial challenges these programs can present, there is a significant opportunity to make these programs more effective. So how can you, as restaurant operators, best implement and capitalize on loyalty programs so that they move the needle for your business?”

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