Want to Have a More Upscale Restaurant? Just Update Your Decor

With fast casual restaurants being one of the fastest growing foodservice categories, brands are going to have to keep up with increased demand and a growing base of potential customers by evolving their decor and overall atmosphere to meet the needs of an increasingly sophisticated clientele. As this post from QSR Magazine shows, a number of brands are already starting to enhance their furnishings and overall design aesthetic to mature as their client base does. As evidenced by the example used of Cheeseburger Bobby’s, updated the decor can change the whole perception of your restaurant, and make people think it’s a more upscale establishment than it actually is, without having to upgrade the menu offerings at all. They also warned against including any point of sale advertisements in the windows or at the front of the restaurant, as these can make fast casual restaurants feel more in line with QSRs, and don’t do anything to make the atmosphere feel classier. Another element you should consider removing if you have one? A drive-thru window. Even if the inside of your restaurant has been updated to upscale fast casual standards, having a drive-thru window can make your whole establishment feel cheaper than it is.

Read the full article here: Elevated Aesthetics Build a Better-Burger Brand

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