When the Fast Casual Model Doesn’t Work

Fast casual food has taken over, there is a lot of money to be made from these types of companies. While it is a probable way to make money, these types of restaurants may be on the way out. The market has become over saturated with these types of fast casual, time will tell if they last.

Key Takeaways:

  • There was just one thing about the restaurant that wasn’t quite working like the cofounders expected: the counter-service format.
  • “We found it a lot more hospitable for when they walk in, we say, ‘Hello, welcome to Animale; take a seat, we’ll be right with you,’” Grant says. “Then we start the service there.”
  • “We’re not trying to be pretentious. We’re not trying to be egotistical. We like the idea of educating someone on the Italian words and how they’re fun to say,” he says.

“Fast-casual restaurants have become undeniably attractive to chefs who are looking to expand their portfolios or establish a business venture with legs to grow.”


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