Why Fast Casuals are Turning to Franchising

The world of franchising has become more sought in recent years. At one time, owners were less open to the idea of allowing their restaurants to be franchised because they were concerned with their brand becoming damaged due to franchises changing their product or damaging their reputation by not following the same standards as the original owners would but this has changed. With the years of franchising experience has come a more standard operating procedure, complete with specific vendors and ingredient lists that must be used if franchising. No more cutting corners. This coupled with the growing technological breakthroughs, it makes it easier to stay on top of the franchises and address issues in real time, making the idea of franchising an option these days.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many fast casual restaurateurs initially fear franchising due to concerns over dropping quality as they expand.
  • As they gain experience in operating their restaurants, some founders discover there are options available letting them effectively monitor quality at new locations.
  • Using increasing scale as their order volume rises is a strong attraction for many restaurateurs to embrace some expansion.

“During Dog Haus’s first three years in operation, everyone from business moguls and consultants to rabid fans approached them about the possibility of franchising.”

Read more: https://www.qsrmagazine.com/franchising/why-fast-casuals-are-turning-franchising

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