Why is Grilled Food Trending? Less Fat, More Flavor

Grilling may be the easiest cooking method for getting the much-sought Maillard reaction that helps provide many browned dishes a distinct taste. Grilling is one of the most universal and versatile methods of cooking, and allows for preparation of many different meat or vegetable items simultaneously. It also helps melt off excess grease while accentuating flavor. For restaurants, grills have the advantage of being easy for new employees to learn how to use, and of being capable of preparing many different items while fostering customer interaction.

Key Takeaways:

  • Restaurateurs love grilling because not only is it a basic form of cooking, it also adds a timeless quality to food.
  • Grilling eliminates excess fats and oils from proteins and it allows for producing several types of meats and vegetables at the same time.
  • Grilling adds flavor to food in a natural way such that one does not need additives or other culinary techniques.

“Grilling is perhaps the easiest way to get to the Maillard reaction, which requires a higher cooking temperature. Restaurants that grill get there fast (on an open grill, grill pan, griddle, or even broiler) or slow (through barbecuing). All of these techniques have been called “grilling” at one point or another.”

Read more: https://www.qsrmagazine.com/menu-innovations/why-grilled-food-trending-less-fat-more-flavor

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