Why mentoring is crucial to hospitality industry

The needs within the hospitality sector are always evolving. Specifically speaking the roles of leaders within the restaurant industry are beginning to change as well. One notable editor Michael Sanson caught up with the American Express Restaurant Trade Program to highlight the importance and value that mentorship has on the restaurant industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mentorship has played a big part in the restaurant industry.
  • I am annoyingly curious. My parents encouraged me to be curious. That is a good thing and a part of learning.
  • Our industry is about culinary education all the time. There is no single person responsible for all the creativity.

“For a mentor/mentee relationship, you have to have passion in common. There’s an old adage that a teacher is only as good as the student. If a student doesn’t have anything going on, what’s a teacher going to do? In our world, it’s a chef’s role to elicit whatever passion you have inside yourself.”


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