Culinary events cultivate customer engagement

Many culinary events provide customers with unique experiences that can create a sense of community and an individual passion for food. There are some common ideas for creating this experience. These ideas include creating a compelling schedule, interacting with your guests, asking for feedback, and lastly keeping it simple.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tal Postelnik Baum is the owner of Bellina Alimentary Italian Restaurant and Market in Atlanta that offers cooking classes, workshops, events , privet parties and etc. Interacting with customers through her Culinary Club is what she enjoys the most from her business.
  • Promotes almost all information through monthly e-letters and social media such as Facebook,Twitter or Instagam so finding the information about any events or pricing is easy to find. trys to create a compelling schedule that works and is filed with interesting activities.
  • Interacting with customers on a personal level is important and rewarding to this business owner as she very much enjoys the time she spends with her customers engaging,interacting, sharing ideas and at the same time is able to better explain The philosophy behind Bellina Alimentary

“We continuously ask our guests for their input. What are their needs? Do they want healthier menu options? Faster service? What kind of classes do they want to take? Talking face-to-face with our customers is the single best way to find inspiration to make things better. And not only does customer feedback improve the guest experience, it builds a relationship, which leads to loyalty and repeat visits. Remember: Treated correctly, your customers will always be your loudest cheerleaders. In addition, we ask all Culinary Club participants to take a survey at the end of each class. We compile the results and analyze the data to help us make business decisions that can further enhance the Bellina Alimentari experience.”

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