Employee Perks

Turnover, especially in a tight labor market, can become a major drain in your bottom line, so if you’re already fulfilling your basic responsibilities to your employees, adding perks may be a good way to keep more talent. Offering free transportation or meals can make life easier and simpler for employees. Giving employees childcare can not only increase retention, but also make employees more productive by removing the complicated hassle and financial strain of finding private childcare. Social events like having a big party or hosting group activities can also really help.

Key Takeaways:

  • Retaining employees can often be difficult for managers — and offering employee perks can help with this.
  • Providing benefits like free meals and childcare can do a lot to improve employee morale.
  • Social events — like parties or group activities — can also help employees to bond and create a sense of community in the workplace.

“Not only is it getting more expensive to secure restaurant space, it’s also become more expensive for your employees to live. Between living and transportation expenses, help ease the burden on employees by offering a free bus pass or a monthly stipend to make it a little easier for them to get to work. It might also make them show up on time too!”

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