Flat Beer is Bubbling Up in the Booze Industry

pfs-color-4What image does the term “flat beer” conjure up in your mind? Is it the sad, gross leftovers you find the night after a party, unconsumed and unloved? While many varieties of beer are indeed unappealing when served sans bubbles, some visionary brewers in North America are creating bold, strong beers that offer delicious flavor profiles without relying on fizz.

Most of the non carbonated beers available in North America are super-strong brews that are more reminiscent of brandy or whisky than traditional beer. Sam Adams’ Utopias, at 28 percent ABV, tastes somewhat like sherry or VO Cognac, with oxidized notes that neatly complement its grainy flavor. Scotland’s Brew Dog one-ups Utopias with a 55 percent ABV and a flavor that calls to mind Dutch genever or eau-de-vie.

Although the idea of flat beer might seem scary to Americans so used to super-carbonated beers, flat brews have long been popular in some other parts of the world. In Belgium, wild-fermented Lambics pack a fruity, sour flavor that doesn’t need fizz to be delicious. If your business prides itself on being on the cutting edge of the craft beer revolution, consider stocking a flat beer or two; they’re really something special.

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