Hot Days, Cold Brews

There are many reasons why we seek cooler things this time of year. The obvious reason is that many of your customers will be running your way in an effort to beat the heat.

Air conditioned restaurants with chilled drinks always find a boost in business during this time of year, especially if they are in close proximity to a park or beach. The sun is booming, the humidity is rising, and many customers will be happily leaving their homes to enjoy the outdoors and time with friends.

Additionally, cold-brewed coffee is having a moment in the sun because of its temperature and properties. Cold-brewed coffee doesn’t skimp out on the caffeine and packs a punch for the dedicated coffee-lover.

Restaurants that have started serving cold-brew cups of joe have seen a major boost and the growth will only continue as the summer unfolds.

If you are looking for a great drink to invest your summer in, check out this article to learn more about why your restaurant needs to start serving cold brew coffee!


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