JLL Real Views – How Midmarket Restaurants Can Stay at the Top of Their Game – by Natasha Stokes

Midrange eateries, those that fall between the fast food diner and the fine dining establishmrnts, are struggling to keep a toehold in the industry. The idea of having something reasonably tasty for everyone isn’t necessarily working for this sector of the restaurant biz any more. Customers that want quick and cheap are fast-fooding, while an ever-growing portion of the population is looking for a more stylish, higher grade of cuisine.

Staying relevant in this squeezed sector could mean leaning on a great !ocation, or creating a special dining experience via ambiance. It could mean putting more emphasis on technology, although app commission fees can eat into an eaterys ‘ earnings.

Key Takeaways:

  • With competition in the restaurant industry at an all-time high, the midmarket brands need to up their game in order to keep customers coming through the doors.
  • With the growing popularity of “fast fine dining” establishments, midmarket casual restaurants such as Jamie’s Italian and Byron Burger are challenged with finding ways to remain relevant.
  • It’s particularly important for restaurants to understand that the habits and preferences of their potential customers in one region may be vastly different from those in a different location.

“On busy high streets, midmarket brands could focus on further differentiating from their fast-casual competitors by investing in their sit-down experience, from on-brand décor and the style of customer service to the size of the space.”

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