McDonald’s Enters New Market with Corner Cafe

All the current data about consumer restaurant preferences shows that business will continue to migrate towards healthier food option. McDonald’s is definitely pay attention to these trends, and is developing several strategies to adapt to them.

One intriguing concept that McDonald’s is testing out is the Corner Cafe brand. The company soft-launched this concept with one location in Sydney, Australia. This single location is a great space for McDonald’s to test out new, healthier meal options and see how they can adapt their quick service model to more upmarket fare.

The Corner Cafe’s menu is constantly changing as McDonald’s tests out new ideas. The cafe features fancier drinks than McDonald’s other brands, with baristas handcrafting coffee beverages and serving up craft sandwiches. The food options are reminiscent of Starbucks and other coffee chains that are seen as being slightly more upscale than McDonald’s, leaning heavily on sandwiches with fresh and healthy fillings.

McDonald’s is trying to future proof its business by creating the type of store quick service customers will want to visit decades from now. The Corner Cafe may represent McDonald’s prediction for what quick service will look like in 2025.

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