One Coffee Shop’s Mission-Focused Approach to Marketing

Saxby’s coffee shop has a new and unique approach to business marketing. Their model is framed after the ethos of “make life better” and they strive to achieve this in all of their locations. Social media has been a huge aspect of their marketing campaign and has helped them to achieve this goal. Performing acts of hospitality within their locations is a key ingredient to making the lives of their customers and staff better, as well.

Key Takeaways:

  • Saxbys is a coffee shop whose intention is to make the life of its customers better by letting them develop a product.
  • Saxbys has used social media as a paramount tool and this includes using Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Saxbys has made great strides in community outreach, especially in education. It has formed partnerships with community groups and philanthropic organizations.

“By embracing this philosophy and making it our purpose, we bring an authenticity to our locations and brand.”

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