Pizza Inn Unveils Non-Traditional Express Model

Pizza Inn, operating for nearly sixty years, is looking to change up its image and business with a revamp. Their new approach seeks to convert to a faster more integrated experience for customers the company calls Pizza Inn Express; abbreviated to PIE. The company is comparing itself to convenience stores, seeking to tap some of the more than half a trillion dollar market. Included in their new offerings will be online ordering for easy pickup of food when customers call or click ahead.

Key Takeaways:

  • Convenience stores account for more than half a trillion dollars of sales annually, and seventy percent of those are in-store purchases.
  • Pizza Inn Express hopes to tap into a convenience store model to increase number and value of customers at their locations.
  • Online ordering will be offered to attract customers looking for grab and go or order ahead convenience.

“The brand known as “America’s Hometown Pizza Place,” announced a new prototype for a non-traditional licensing model called Pizza Inn Express, or PIE for short, that will give customers a fast, seamless experience when picking up their favorite hot pizza.”

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