Ready Text Announces a Free Trial of Its Wait List Text App

Ready Text is an app that sends a text to a person when their table is ready at a restaurant. Reminders can be customized and can be used as a reservation app by allowing people to check average wait times at restaurants. This also helps the restaurant with proper staffing to handle customer demand. The app has a user friendly interface and is giving a free trial to people by going to their website or by emailing

Key Takeaways:

  • Ready Text is a new app that lets restaurants signal electronically to guests when their seats are ready.
  • When guests can be contacted remotely, they are not required to wait in a certain area for their tables.
  • A useful feature of the app is how it allows managers to gather precise data on how the restaurant is turning over.

“With Ready Text, instead of having guests crowded around the host stand or waiting impatiently to be called to their table, they simply have to check in with their name and phone number, which the hosts adds to the Ready Text dashboard. Once the table is ready, the customers are sent a text and even customized reminders announcing that they can be seated.”

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