Seafood Rides the Fast Casual Wave

Seafood chains have always represented the smallest percent of fast casual food options in the restaurant industry. Some of it may be cultural, with options like lobster and haddock simply being the sort of food one eats with a tablecloth and wine. Some of it can be traced to cost, as seafood supply and prices are far more volatile than say that incurred by say a menu of pasta dishes, thereby making a staple like Long John Silver’s a near anomaly in the food biz.

It ‘s changing though, in large part due to the deconstructed sushi trend that has made the masses consider casual, yet attractive, seafood options in a new light. By creating a wedge into the fast casual marketplace, Poke dishes are leading the way for more traditional seafare to latch onto the trend.

Key Takeaways:

  • Seafood food trucks and casual dining establishments are making a comeback
  • Pokaeatery is one restaurant that has capitalized on the trend of seafood being a leaner, healthier choice for protein
  • such eateries have incorporated global flavors to attract the culinary curious as well as traditional dishes, which keep customers coming back.

“With fast casuals diving into the fray, seafood options in the limited-service restaurant industry are going upscale.”

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