Seattle approves tax on sweetened beverages

In a 7 to 1 vote Seattle voted for there to be a tax put on sugary drinks. This includes anything from juice to soda. It will cause a 12 ounce soda to cost 21 cents more. This tax however will not affect drinks with milk as the main ingredient. Small business owners are not happy. They claim they were not thought of or included in this decision and this will hurt all small businesses in the end. The purpose of this tax is to raise 15 million to help support the cities food stamp program, and to encourage those on it to buy more fruits and vegetables.

Key Takeaways:

  • the Seattle city council approved the new tax on Monday, which proponents say will reduce consumption of sugary drinks, particularly in lower-income neighborhoods with high rates of childhood obesity
  • After much debate, the council approved a tax rate of $0.0175 per fluid ounce, which means a 12-ounce soda will cost an additional 21 cents.
  • The tax is reportedly expected to raise about $15 million to help support a city food stamps program that encourages people to buy more fruits and vegetables

“Seattle joins a number of cities and counties that have taxed sugary drinks, including Berkeley, Calif., Philadelphia and Cook County, Ill., which includes Chicago.”

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