Sriracha Sparked a Wildfire of Spicy Desire in Consumers

Sriracha was arguably the first spicy food to go viral. The distinctive bright red sauce in the rooster bottle took America by storm, and consumers expressed their love for the sauce with memes, merchandise, social media posts, and (most importantly) their spending money.

Sriracha’s ascendance awakened a previously-dormant thirst for fire in American consumers. Food manufacturers and restaurants have responded to customer demand by producing spicy products in all categories, from snacks and main dishes to beverages and alcohol.

The most popular chile pepper on American foods is the jalapeño, followed by its smoked equivalent, the chipotle. Cayenne chile powder, which first began being used in health beverages for its purported cleansing properties, is now appearing in drinks solely for its spicy kick. In the alcoholic beverage sector, the huge popularity of spicy Fireball cinnamon whiskey has inspired manufacturers to create more spicy liquors flavored with cinnamon and chiles.

There seems to be no limit to the growth potential for spicy foods and beverages, since Americans’ spice tolerance just keeps going up. If you haven’t adjusted your menu accordingly, you may be playing with fire!

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