The Case for Fast-Casual Dining

Picture yourself getting lunch with some colleagues in the middle of a busy work day. You go to a typical casual-dining place and you wait for a table. After about 7 minutes, you get seated and wait another 5 minutes for water. Then, 5 minutes later, the waiter comes back and takes your order. About 15 minutes go by and the food starts to arrive and your group begins eating. Then, you have to wait for the waiter to come back so you can pay, then leave your tip, and at this time you are already checking your watch, afraid you will be late coming back to work. Now, think about all of your coworkers going to a fast-casual place, getting food instantly, paying up front, seating yourselves and having plenty of time to eat. It is no wonder that when it comes to your customer’s time, fast-casual places may offer less luxury but make up for it in speed. If you are a restauranteur, watch this video today to learn why fast casual places are on the rise and what you can learn from them to boost your casual-dining restaurant!


Read the full article here: Why Fast Casual Continues to Steal Casual-Dining Customers


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