The Pitfalls of Hand-Labeling Foods

Everyone is the world loves food and there are constants that go with labeling foods. All of those labels that you see on food containers of packages were all labeled by a machine or by someone using their hands. However, times have clearly been changing as things have gotten more modern. Now, less and less people and companies are using hand-labeling food techniques as it is just not nearly as effective as having a machine do it for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Times have changes and warehouses have changed the way they do things.
  • Using machines for labeling is much more efficient and quicker than using man labor.
  • People who previously did unskilled labor like this are losing jobs quicker and quicker.

“When it comes to compliance and “use by” dates, clarity is the difference between serving a good meal and making someone sick. Not being able to read someone’s handwriting could lead to a food safety and liability issue down the road, and that was a big issue for these franchisees.”

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