Things to Remember When Dining Out!

Now that Valentine’s Day is nearing us, those of us in the service industry may be wondering the best way to alert customers of proper practices ahead of time. Although from the customer perspective, eating out on a holiday is a great idea, for those of us in the service industry, we know that customers all making last minute reservations to pile into our establishments, can lead to chaos. This is a busy holiday and a lot of people are planning to eat out as well, so it can be helpful to let customers know that there are smart ways to go about their evening that does not cause a bunch of confusion and back-orders in our kitchen! For example, if you are planning the perfect Valentine’s Day for you and your date, make sure that you actually get to your dinner on time! The host does not want to turn you away but if you are too late on a packed night, they may not have a choice! If you work in the food service industry and want to give people advice for eating out on the holidays, read this article today!


Read the full article here: Ten Things to Consider When Dining Out on a Holiday


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