Florida Food Manager Certification

State Regulations

Each licensed establishment shall have a minimum of one certified food protection manager responsible for all periods of operation.

All managers who are responsible for the storage, preparation, display, and serving of foods to the public must have passed a food manager certification test from an ANSI- CFP approved program.

Certification Exam


Approved Certification Exams

ServSafe, Prometric, NRFSP and 360 Training

Food Safety Training Requirement


Certificate Renewal

5 years.

Additional Requirements

All food service employees working for establishments licensed by the Division of Hotels and Restaurants must complete a food safety training to obtain a food worker certificate an approved program. For more information click here.

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Prometric Certification

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Does the food manager need to be present at the food facility at all times?

When four or more employees are working in a licensed food establishment, at least one certified food protection manager must be present at all times. When there are three or fewer employees, the certified food manager need not be present during those periods of operation.

Do I need to have a certified food protection manager employed before I open my business?

The law provides 30 days to ensure that a food facility has a certified food protection manager employed when a new business is started, change of ownership, or if the certified food protection manager leaves the business.

Who is exempt from the Food Manager Certification requirement?

Temporary food service vendors and vending machine operators.

What training do you provide in Florida?

  • Online Food Manager Training: A self-paced online training, which incorporates media-rich learning experiences: graphics, audio and interactive learning exercises. Highly effective educational learning program.
  • Online Study Guide: A 20+ page study resource which covers many of the important core FDA food concepts. The study guide also includes Top 5 Tips to Passing the Food Manager Exam and 2 Practice Exams. This is sent via email, but can be sent via post for a minimal shipping and handling fee.
  • Food Manager Exam: The exam will be conducted at a testing center at a location near you. You are able to choose the date of your exam, but will need to provide 5 business days advanced notice to our office. The exam conducted will be Prometric, which is a nationally accredited Food Manager certification and is approved and accepted by state and county health departments.