Maryland ServSafe Certification

State Regulations

Each food establishment must have a certified food manager on site during all hours of operations. The Food Manager Certification must be obtained from an approved and accredited program.

Certification Exam


Approved Certification Exams

ServSafe, Prometric, NRFSP and 360 Training

Food Safety Training Requirement

Yes. 16 hours of classroom training for first-time students and 8 hours of classroom training to renew.

Certificate Renewal

3 years

Other Regulations

Some counties, such as Baltimore County, require you to submit a copy of the original certification and payment of an application fee for the issuance of a local ID card.

Please check with your local health authority for additional criteria.

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Prometric & ServSafe Certifications

  • First Time or Renewal
  • Instructor-led Class and Proctored Exam
  • 5 Languages Offered


Is there a minimum training requirement?

Yes. For first time certifications, students must complete a 16 hour course. This includes the home study (8 hours), classroom training and then the Prometric or ServSafe certification exam (8 hours). For renewal certifications, students must attend a one day class and complete the Maryland renewal exam.

Do I have to register with the Health Department or get a card after I pass my exam?

Yes. After passing an approved and accredited food manager exam such as ServSafe or Prometric, present the original certificate as well as a government issued photo ID to your local Health Department.