Texas Food Manager Certification

State Regulations

Food establishments, permitted by Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and handling, preparing, or serving exposed potentially hazardous foods, must employ a certified food manager.

The Food Manager Certification must be obtained by passing a department approved examination, such as ServSafe, Prometric, NRFSP and 360 Training.

Certification Exam


Approved Certification Exams

ServSafe, Prometric, NRFSP and 360 Training

Food Safety Training Requirement


Certificate Renewal

Every 5 years at a state level

Additional Requirements

Some local jurisdictions have specific requirements, such as registering the Food Manager Certificate with the Health Department, or paying an additional fee for the issuance of a local Food Manager Certificate.

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Which establishments are exempt from the Food Manager Certification requirement?

The following food establishments are exempt from the requirement:

  1. Establishments that handle only prepackaged food and do not package food
  2. Child care facilities
  3. Establishments that do not prepare or handle exposed potentially hazardous foods
  4. Nonprofit organizations
Do I need to keep a copy of the manager certification at the food establishment?

Yes, the original food manager certificate shall be posted in a location in the food establishment that is conspicuous to consumers.

I took my Food Manager Certification exam in a different state. Will my certificate be valid in Texas?

Yes. Food Manager Certification Examinations issued by training programs accredited through American National Standards Institute – Conference of Food Protection (ANSI-CFP) receive national reciprocity. However, please keep in mind that certain cities or counties have their own requirements, such as registering your certificate with the local health department. Please make sure to check with your local authority for any additional certification criteria.